How to get paid faster with instant and online ACH payments

See how one accounting firm can start receiving money faster from a client that struggles to pay in advance using online ACH payments. Say goodbye to delays and processing ambiguities and say hello to instant payment assurance with Forwardly's automated payment feature.

Businessman getting paid with online ACH payment

Get paid instantly in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Sync your Invoices

Automatically sync using QuickBooks Online or Xero.

Step 2

Request a Payment

A payment request is sent to your client via email. Forwardly users can pay with 1 click on the app.

Step 3

Paid in Seconds

Funds deposits into your banks account within seconds, even on weekends.

Automate receiving funds instantly

Watch how quickly Judy onboards a new client in just a few simple steps.

Happy business owners after getting paid with instant and online ACH payments


B2B payments can be that simple.

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