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Transform your AP process with one-click payments. Say goodbye to monthly fees, sharing account details, and pre-funding bank accounts. Enjoy seamless bill payments with our accounts payable software.

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Frequently asked questions

If your bank supports the FedNow Service or the RTP Network then your transaction will process instantly, within 20-60 seconds. With our accounts payable software, your payments will process smoothly.

At Forwardly, we prioritize modernization and accessibility for all clients, especially those using our cutting-edge accounts payable automation software. While many B2B payment providers offer Same-Day ACH as their fastest option, we go beyond by leveraging the FedNow Service and RTP Network, enabling payments in mere seconds. For us, same-day ACH transfers are the minimum standard, not a luxury. We understand that not all banks have embraced instant payment technology, and we refuse to penalize clients seeking modern solutions. That's why we treat Same-Day ACH payments as standard, with no processing fee charge.

Absolutely not! At Forwardly, we're redefining the payment process. Your bank account payment information remains secure and is not shared with vendors or contractors at any point. We automate the entire payment process, ensuring your details remain private. Once you connect your bank to Forwardly, we handle the rest.

Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero allows easy bill record import and automatic reconciliation with 2-way sync capability, simplifying your record-keeping and business operations.

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