Get paid instantly, on time, every time: faster payments for modern accountants

Receive funds instantly and gain control over critical cash flow as payments are deposited in seconds, 24/7/365. Reduce your mental workload and make your life easy with automatic reconciliation with leading accounting platforms and unlimited team members.

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Accountants embracing instant payments with Forwardly

Instant payment,
or it’s free Same-Day ACH

Save on transaction fees with instant payments and free standard Same-Day ACH. Impress your clients with up to 80% in savings from expensive processing fees.

Put payment delays to rest &
improve client relationships

No more arguing over if the “check is in the mail” or worrying about payments settling over evenings and weekends. Instant payments process 24/7/365. Business doesn't sleep on the weekend, so your money shouldn't either. 

Reduce the mental load of
payment settlement

No more waiting around the clock; receive payments within 22 seconds. Integrate directly with leading accounting platforms to automatically sync received payments in real-time and improve the reconciliation process for accountants.

cash flow forecasting

Access rolling cash flow forecasts up to 12 months in advance and know ahead of time when cash flow gaps might pop up. Review your clients’ cash flow overviews in a simple and user-friendly interface that makes financial information and warning signals clear.

Seamless AR with
auto payments 

Improve your cash flow with automatic payment collection. Client bills can be paid automatically to you on the day of their due date within seconds. Reduce your stress and mental workload from deadlines and receive payments when expected.   

Enhanced team and
client access management 

Give your team the tools they need to succeed. Manage multiple businesses, control permissions, add unlimited team members, and more effectively support your firm’s client base with premium cash flow management tools. 

See for yourself. Try our calculator 

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Your Current Processing Fee


Volume of transactions per Month


You could be saving
per month on business transaction processing fees

Even better: Save
8.9 hours
per month using auto reconciliation.

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Accountants joining the instant payment revolution

Real-time payments are a growing trend around the world, and they’re now here for US businesses. Start Thinking Forwardly and accepting Instant payment today. 

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Accountants joining the instant payment revolution

Instant payments are everywhere

Get paid instantly 24/7/365

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