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Forwardly’s payment pricing is made to be accessible for businesses of all types. Better cash flow is only one free account away for businesses based in the United States.

$0 per month subscription
(And that’s not a typo)

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Every account gets...

  • Unlimited US domestic payments (fees may apply)
  • Unlimited free users
  • Seamless 2-way accounting software reconciliation
  • Add unlimited businesses
  • Real-time payment tracking and notification
  • Approval workflows and payment thresholds
  • Automatic payments with secure authorization
  • Secure and direct integration with their existing bank via Plaid; no pre-funded wallets required
  • Rolling cash flow forecasts (up to 12 months in future)
  • White-glove concierge onboarding (optional)

Payment costs should be simple

  • Same-day ACH transfer Free to send & receive +
  • Pay bills instantly by bank Free
  • Get paid with instant payments 1% ++
  • Pay by credit card Free or 2.99% +++
  • Get paid by credit card Free or 2.99% +++
+ Same-day ACH payments only apply for instant payments to banks that do not support instant payment technology. Scheduling deadline for same-day ACH payments is 1:15 pm PT | 4:15 pm ET from Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays).
++ Minimum fee is $1 and maximum fee is $10 per received instant payment.
+++ Credit card fees may be applied to payer or payee based on the payee’s business policy.

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237 million

instant payments sent in 2023

$174 billion

payments moved instantly in 2023

60 seconds

the time it takes to process using FedNow or RTP


financial institutions support instant, secure payments


availability of the FedNow Service and RTP Network

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Frequently asked questions

1. Create a free Forwardly account with your email address or Intuit or Xero account
2. Add your first business
3. Request your first payment

Instant payments in the United States, pivotal for business payment solutions use the FedNow Service and RTP Network to transfer money in seconds between banks, anytime outside of bank hours. Forwardly uses both services to help businesses request money from their clients and receive it in seconds, 24/7/365.

Many B2B payment providers offer same-day ACH payments as a luxury payment method and charge a high fee to send money fast. At Forwardly, where we see payments processed in seconds, same-day ACH payments aren’t a luxury to us. We only believe in charging for payments that transfer instantly.

Forwardly accounts are completely free! We don’t charge a subscription fee to create an account or access rolling our cash flow forecasts.

Forwardly only supports modern payment options: Instant and Same-Day ACH. When receiving money, we always prioritize sending Instant payments first and only offer our Standard Same-Day ACH payments for banks that don’t support Instant.

Once you send a payment request, your client will have to create an account and connect securely with their bank in order to choose where to send their funds from. After that, they’ll have 30 days to verify their account and continue using Forwardly. See for yourself with our 30 second interactive tour.

At this time, Forwardly is only available for US domestic payments.

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