Take full charge. Flexible payments, 24/7/365

Pay how you want, when you want, and which account you want to pay with. Enjoy flexible payment options that simplifies your accounting payable for free.

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Take full charge. Flexible payments, 24/7/365

Send payments on your terms.

No pre-fund wallets needed

Bill payment is processed in 60 seconds with supported banks. Know your bank balance at all times; no need to pre-fund wallets or move money to a new bank account. Keep payment data secure - no more sharing account numbers.

Split payments to meet your flexibility needs

You can send a slice of what's owed instead of paying the full amount owed. It’s simple to send partial payments on your terms.

Set it, and forget it

Scheduling payments is an easy way to ensure your bills are paid on time, without the hassle of manually paying bills each time.

Easier checkout for guest payments

Not ready to sign up to enjoy the benefits of Forwardly? Manually submit your bank account details for easier guest payments.

Payments in an instant with a seamless modern solution

Paying bills should always be free

Instant payment options are available for hundreds of banks across the United States. Sending Instant Payments and Same-Day ACH is free, helping you reinvest these savings back into your business.

Enhanced team and client access management

Keep business and banking information secure with an easy approval workflow. Navigate between multiple businesses and assign different access levels to invited users as needed. By controlling permissions, equip your team with the tools they need to succeed.

Say farewell to cash flow headaches

Effortlessly settle your bills with two-way syncing with QuickBooks Online or Xero. Bid adieu to tedious paperwork and redirect your efforts toward meaningful activities. With Forwardly, managing business finances becomes a breeze.

Frequently asked questions

At Forwardly, we only believe in fast payments. If your bank doesn’t support the FedNow Service or the RTP Network, the transaction will process as a Standard Same-Day ACH. Good news: we’ll cover the fee until your bank is supported. That’s right. Standard Same-Day ACH payments through Forwardly are received for free.

When we say fast, we mean it. The FedNow Service and the RTP Network both require payments to be processed and either go through or fail within 20-60 seconds. While there’s some processing time on our end, as we check with both banks, most Instant payments on Forwardly process in around 60 seconds.

Improve cash flow with better payment flexibility

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