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Join us for Blueprints for Business, a monthly series moderated and hosted by Matthew Fulton and Richard Roppa-Roberts and sponsored by Forwardly. Matthew and Richard have crafted an educational journey ripe to explore the essential pillars of professional growth and management within the accounting realm. Each session is thoughtfully tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities financial professionals face today, blending insightful discussions with actionable strategies for established and growing accounting firm owners. People are stronger when they work together, so Blueprints for Business will be a collaboration between the hosts, guests, and attendees as they all share strategies and tips for the session topic.

Working with Family: Gear up for an essential exploration into the intricacies of family-run businesses. Working with family can be very difficult at times, but it can also be the key to success! This month we are very excited to have Lynda Artesani and Sarah Prevost join us as our guest hosts to share their experience and best tips and tricks when hiring family members.

Date: June 28, 2024
Time: 1 PM PT | 4 PM ET


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Lynda Artesani:

Lynda Artesani founded Artesani Accounting and is co-founder of The Proper Trust, LLC . Both accounting firms specialize in working exclusively with attorneys and law firms. She co-founded The Accountant’s Law Lab , a private mastermind group for bookkeepers and accountants who want to learn about the complexities of law firm clients.


Sarah Prevost:

Sarah Prevost is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience specializing in accounting services tailored specifically for attorneys and law firms. Her passion lies in optimizing processes and making operations more efficient.

As an active member of the Multnomah Bar Association and a Clio Certified accountant, Sarah is deeply ingrained in the legal community, understanding its unique needs and challenges. Her expertise extends to various platforms and tools, evidenced by her certifications including Gusto Silver Tier, LeanLaw Accounting Pro, and Xero Partner Advisory Council, and Gusto Partner Advisory Council.

Driven by innovation and collaboration, Sarah is not just a practitioner but also a thought leader in her field. She is the founder of Mintage Labs , the co-founder of The Proper Trust , and Create Collaborate. Sarah’s commitment to knowledge sharing and community building is further exemplified by her role as the co-host of the Accountants Law Pod podcast, where she engages in insightful discussions and shares expertise with fellow professionals.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sarah finds joy in her personal life in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband and son. Keeping it a family affair, she collaborates with her cousins, aunt, and mother, who are all members of The Proper Trust team.


Host Descriptions


Matthew Fulton:
  • Founder of Parkway Business Solutions, utilizing his passion for technology to develop time-saving tools and workflows for accountants and bookkeepers.
  • Founded QB Community Live, a large and popular Facebook Group for ProAdvisor Business Owners and accounting professionals, embracing the motto “Together we All Succeed.”
  • Insightful Accountant’s 2021 Top Trainer/Writer/Educator of the Year.
  • Featured at events including QuickBooks Connect & Scaling New Heights.
  • He enjoys walking his dogs, Cylis and Sophie, on the beaches of Ventura, Calif., when not working.


Richard Roppa-Roberts:
  • Known as “The ProAdvisor® Advisor,” working with award-winning apps and accounting professionals in 11 countries. So far.
  • Founder of Roundtable Labs, facilitating over 5000 hours of group discussions to date and embracing a philosophy of Collaboration over Competition.
  • Named “One to Watch” in Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.
  • Author for CPA Practice Advisor, Firm of the Future, QBO Blog, Intuit Tax Blog, and Insightful Accountant.
  • Co-host, The QBO Show podcast (running from 2011-2021) and RFQ-TV Television Show. Host of the CPA Academy “Intuit $100,000 Top 10 App Challenge” webinar series.
  • Featured Speaker at accounting conferences, including QuickBooks Connect, Scaling New Heights, Ensuring Success, WorkflowCon, Taking Your Firm Virtual, Flagg CPA Show, and many other technology conferences starting with COMDEX in 1994.

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