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Meet simplified business bill payments.

Freedom from waiting: pay bills in seconds

Pay bills instantly with 24/7/365 processing

One click bill payment is processed in 22 seconds for supported banks with qualified transfer limits. Enjoy seamless reconciliation with leading accounting platforms.

Wave the "pending" status goodbye  

Enjoy your morning coffee knowing that payments are paid on time, every time, even at the 11th hour into the night for supported banks.

Stop paying high interest and overdue fees

Forwardly has no monthly subscription fee and helps you keep money in your account longer, with no costs to send payments. Automate sending payments for a smoother, more economical digital workflow.

Improve user approvals and payment thresholds

Set custom limits, ensuring tighter control and strategic cash flow management. See instant notifications when payments are sent, awaiting approval, or received and know your bank balance at all times.

Managing your AP should be this simple

Managing your AP should be this simple

Impress clients with timely payments, every time. Avoid late fees and lost checks, even at the last minute.

Experience the ease of on-time auto payments without the stress of waiting for bills to settled.

Hold money longer
Managing your AP should be this simple

Frequently Asked Questions about Bill Payments

With Forwardly, paying your bills becomes a breeze! Forwardly pulls bill details from your connected accounting software and has a secure approval process to ensure only the right people approve the right payments, making it easier to control overspending. Forwardly allows businesses with supported banks to receive instant payments using advanced payment technology like FedNow and the RTP Network.

Forwardly seamlessly integrates with widely used accounting systems such as QuickBooks Online and Xero. This powerful two-sync allows for the easy import of bill records and ensures automatic reconciliation with the accounting records. Record-keeping is easier with Forwardly.  

When you send a payment, your vendor will be invited to securely add their payment information and receive the funds, without the need to share any banking information with you. If their bank is compatible with instant payment technology, they’ll receive the money in only seconds. If their bank isn’t compatible yet, they’ll receive it for free as a same-day ACH transfer. Forwardly pulls existing vendor details and bills directly from your accounting system, making it easy to send payments to the right person.

By using Forwardly to link your accounting software with our secure payment data, you get a clearer financial picture of your cash situation. This reduces potential errors and gives you access to our 12-months of rolling cash flow forecasts so you can spot cash flow gaps before they happen. What's more, Forwardly is bank-agnostic and doesn’t require pre-filling a wallet before sending payment, so your funds don’t leave your account until they absolutely need to.

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